Complete accessory box for vibrating urethral sound Medium

Get yourself ready for the cock shock of your life! This toy set for electric shock stimulation includes a multi-functional control unit, a cable with two plugs, a size-adjustable cockring and one urethral sound, size M (medium). The metal urethral sound can be used in two ways: a) It can be used as a vibrating urethral sound alone (= without electric shocks) if you insert a battery. As soon as the battery is placed in the battery chamber of the urethral sound, the toy will start vibrating until you remove the battery again. You do not necessarily have to connect it with the control unit. b) It can be used for a combination of electric shocks and vibrations. For this, insert a battery into the battery chamber AND use one plug of the cable to connect the urethral sound with the control unit and the other plug with the cockring. Please note that electric shocks will only be delivered through the urethral sound and the cockring if you connect both the sound AND the cockring to the control unit. Connecting just one of them will not work! The cockring is size-adjustable and material can be cut off easily with a scissor until it perfectly fits on your cock. We recommend to use lube when you insert such kind of toys for the first time into your penis. When the urethral sound sticks in your cock and the cockring is also placed on your penis, feel free to turn on the electricity by pressing the red power button for at least 3 seconds, until a red light flashes. Then it's time to choose from various settings and modes: By pressing... TAP , you turn the electrics shocks off and on. Pressing TAP once will turn it on, pressing TAP again will turn it off, pressing TAP again will turn it on, … VIBRATING, you control the vibrations of the urethral sound MASSAGE , you will experience a very pleasant massage from within your cock AUTO , you select a pre-set mode for intense stimulation SPEED , you choose how fast it turns the electric shocks on and off On the right side of the control unit is a small wheel with which you can adjust the intensity of the electric shocks, scaling from weak to strong, according to your personal desires and experiences. When you're done and satisfied, turn off the device by pressing the red power button and remove the battery if inserted.
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Length 155 mm
Insertable Length 95 mm
Diameter Ø 8 mm
Material Stainless Steel
Power Supply Battery-Powered
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