Reflex Condoms Circumcised - 12 Pack - Tray of 24 Packs

A revolution for the convenience of circumcised men! 30% of men are circumcised and are experiencing discomfort with conventional condoms available on the market. Reflex Condoms are the first specially designed condoms for circumcised men and are designed to reduce the restraint applied to the glans which is constantly exposed after circumcision.Circumcision does not protect from the risk of transmission of STDs and HIV, so protect yourself and your partner with the best condoms available! Lubricated and smooth.
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Measurements: Length 200 mm, width 56 mm, diameter 36 mm, circumference 112 mm.
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Length 200 mm
Insertable Length 200 mm
Diameter Ø 36 mm
Content 24 x 12
EAN code 3401098334119
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